Mr Michael Schubert

CEO, Telunas Resort, USA

RT08 – Practicing Your Faith in Marketplace: Power, Position and Promise

Dream the dreams, live the vision. These six words have been used to stir a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit since my college days to put action to my ideas. My vision is to help create impactful companies in challenging places through committed leaders. This has led me to start two resort properties under the brand Telunas Resorts. These boutique resorts are not only focused on providing unforgettable experiences for our guests, but also are committed to bring positive impact to our surrounding communities. For the resort company, my focus now is in developing strategic partnerships, leadership and business development, and championing the vision. My method can be summed up by three words, "Simplify, Clarify, Connect". Through this framework, I help leaders and teams find their purpose, fashion their strategy, and focus their execution. It's simple to say, but hard to do.

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