Mr Jonathan Adijanto

CEO, Ichthus School, Indonesia

RT06 – Nurturing Gen-Z leaders in Church and Organization

Mr Jonathan Adijanto has a passion for education and skills development. He took over directorship of Ichthus School Jakarta and Kinderland Preschools Jakarta in 2018 after years of shadowing founder, director, and mother Mrs Leong See Mun. His current focus is developing leadership and 21st century skills through entirely student-planned mission trips and community projects. He is also a director at Multimatics Indonesia and ZilLearn Indonesia. Multimatics Indonesia is a provider of world class professional training and international certification while ZilLearn is Singapore-based Career Agility platform to help individuals and teams develop skills for in-demand jobs and future work needs. Mr Adijanto is also involved in Kingdom Entrepreneurship Academy and is an alumni of Resource Global Indonesia, two para-church organizations working to empower and give community to Christian leaders in the marketplace. He graduated from UCLA and worships at Jakarta International Christian fellowship.