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PD01 – Leadership Mantle: Co-Creating the Future
John Ng Peter Chao William Tang Jonathan Lee Rebecca Mizuno
PD02 – The Rise and Fall of Organizations: Lessons on Leadership
Idris Jala Tony Meloto
PD03 – Strategic Global Partnerships For Humanitarian Impact
Kateryna Zelenko Willy Tan
PD04 – Leading Collaboratively for the Future
Hannah Yeoh Lim Siong Guan
MC01 – Geopolitical and Social Tensions: Implications for Leadership
Freddy Boey
MC02 – Retaining Talent & Succession Planning
Cynthia Tan
MC03 – Intervention, Empowerment & Transformation of Marginalized Communities
Elisha Satvinder Petrina Satvinder
MC04 - Imagining and Executing the Impossible
Idris Jala
MC05 – The Human Side of Change Management
Lim Peng Soon
MC06 – Relationship Matters: Being A Peace Maker in a Divided World
John Ng
MC07 – Global Partnerships for Social Transformation – The Story of Habibi International
Heidi Tan Willy Tan
MC08 – Building Strong Family Ministry in Church and Society
Jason Wong Peter Tan-Chi
MC09 – Worship as Life: Partnering with Creatives
Sidney Mohede
MC10 – Value-Centric Principles in Technology
Andrew Ma
MC11 – Siblings in Business: How to make it work?
Jimmy Ling Joe Ling
MC12 – Strategic Partnerships for Business Impact
Neo Boon Siong
MC13 – Rising to The Top… Maximizing Your Career Trajectory
Bill Foo
MC14 – Ministering to the Poorest of the Poor
Poh Heem Heem
MC15 – The Future of Digital Learning
Kang So-Young
MC16 – Innovating Ministry for Impact: The Future of Alpha
Kathleen Chew Paul Kong
MC17 – Partnering the Poor for Transformation & Innovation
Anna Wilk Dylan Wilk
MC18 – Discovering Purpose in Life
Alvin Ung
MC19 – Reaching Youths: Making Mental Health Matter
Asher Low
MC20 – Tutorial Relationships: Learning Design for Community Impact
Ng Meixi
CL01 – Growing your F&B Partnerships
George Ang
CL02 – Building Sustainability in the Hotel Industry: The Story of Pan Pacific
Choe Peng Sum
CL04 – Mental Health Among the Youth: The Story of The Institute of Mental Health
Daniel Fung
CL05 – Good City, Good Company, Good Leader: The Story of NVPC
Tony Soh
CL06 – How Research Informs Leadership Decisions
Mathew Mathews
CL07 – The Digital Revolution: The Story of DBS Innovation Hub
Shee Tse Koon
CL08 – Building A Purpose-Driven And High-Performing Organization
Patrick Liew
CL09 – Integrated Ecosystems for Treatment of Mental Health – The Story of Promises Healthcare
Munidasa Winslow
CL11 – Giving Hope to the Dying and Caregivers – The Story of St Joseph’s Home
Geraldine Tan
CL12 – Partnerships in Charities: The Story of Care Corner
Christian Chao
CL13 – Social Enterprise and Business Partnerships - The Story of Agape
Anil David Joseph See
CL14 – Doing Philanthropy Differently: The Story of The Majurity Trust
Martin Tan
CL15 – Innovative Leadership in Transforming Cities: The Story of Centre for Liveable Cities
Hugh Lim
CL16 – Challenging Young People for Digital Outreach: The Story of Digital Mission and Thir.st & Salt/Light
Chris Yeo Edric Sng
CL17 – Love, Sacrifice and Social Impact: The story of Nathanael Koh
Chris Koh
CL18 – Reinventing Leadership for Community Impact: The Journey of Tony Meloto
Tony Meloto
CL19 - Service Journey of Far East Hospitality
Alesxis Lim
RT01 – Balancing Marriage in Business & Business in Marriage
Anna Wilk Dylan Wilk Elisha Satvinder Petrina Satvinder
RT02 – Partnerships between Politicians and Business Leaders: Challenges & Opportunities
Tan Ban Keat Ong Kian Ming Lee Yi Shyan
RT03 – AI, IoT, & Web 3.0: Are they really good for us?
Andrew Ma Ang Peng Hwa Tan Geok Leng
RT04 - Preserving the Family in Business: Challenges & Opportunities
Abel Teh Albert Teh Suparno Adijanto Justin Adijanto
RT05 – Conversations with Teens: Sex & Sexuality
Edna Low Kevin Thio Laura Sasitorn Sisi Wattanagool
RT06 – Nurturing Gen-Z leaders in Church and Organization
Andy Yeoh Ng Liang Wei Jonathan Adijanto
RT07 – Nurturing Successors for Sustainable Church Growth
Dan Foo Daniel Ho Chew Weng Chee Jeffrey Rachmat
RT08 – Practicing Your Faith in Marketplace: Power, Position and Promise
Bill Foo Jamili Nais Lim Chu Chong Michael Schubert
RT09 – Nurturing Faith Driven Entrepreneurs: Profit, Planet and People
Benny Se-Teo Ihsan Mulia Wen Li Lim Wong Fook Meng
RT10 – Finding Your Calling; Meaning & Purpose
Heidi Tan Ng Meixi Michael Andreas Nicole Leong Pang Sheng Jun