The Five Key Topics

ELC 2023 - The Human Side Of Partnership

Quality partnerships are an expression and celebration of our humanity. And ELC 2023 is all about the humans that make up flourishing partnerships when hearts and ambitions align.

No matter what your needs are, ELC 2023 is a great place to start.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking for a partnership to take your enterprise to the next level?

Maybe you are a counselor or social worker in the field of mental health.

Perhaps you are a church leader or non-profit CEO in search of mentorship.

This coming ELC 2023, there are five topics that we will be tackling through our various Plenary Dialogs, MasterClasses, Roundtable Critical Conversations and C-Suite Learning Journeys:

  1. Business & Entrepreneurship
  2. Technology & Innovation
  3. Environment & Sustainability
  4. Emotional & Mental Health
  5. Church & Non-Profits

Learn from the best in business to take your organization from good to great.
Keep up with the latest trends in technology and innovation.
Hear from some of the most passionate environmentalists.
Explore the depths of fruitful friendships and mental health development.
Seek the wisdom of leaders in the non-profit sector.

Break new ground. Garner fresh perspectives. Network with fellow participants.

Above all, register now to join us in discovering the human side of partnerships at ELC 2023.