The Complete Introduction
To ELC 2023

Why ELC 2023?

An ancient Chinese proverb posits that “two tigers cannot share the same mountain” - yet, no man is an island and no organization is a lonely enterprise.

In a world where bottom line is king, how do we find leaders who prize the weight of solid partnerships?

ELC 2023 highlights that partnerships are essential in all facets of life - nations are built by governments, companies flourish when high - performing teams are aligned, and families are steadied by solid relationships.

Quality partnerships are an expression and celebration of our humanity.

Ultimately, we need people and people need each other.

And that is what ELC 2023 is all about - being human.

What is ELC?

Eagles Leadership Convention (ELC) Singapore is Eagles Communications’ biennial thought leadership forum in Asia.

Featuring distinguished experts, effective role models and current thinkers from various industries, ELC aims to equip, empower and connect emerging leaders with experienced leaders from around the region and the world.

ELC is a dedicated space for connection, collaboration and co-creation through numerous program offerings:

  • 4 Plenary Dialogs
  • 10 Roundtable Critical Conversations
  • 20 MasterClasses
  • 20 C - Suite Learning Journeys
  • Face-To-Face Networking Sessions

ELC Singapore 2023 will be our 11th edition since our inception in 2003.

When and Where is ELC Held?

ELC 2023 will be held on July 20-22, 2023 at Hilton Singapore Orchard (previously Mandarin Orchard Singapore).

Register now to learn from top role models and current thinkers around the region and world and network with fellow participants to take your partnerships to the next level!

We hope that you will join us in discovering the human side of partnerships at ELC 2023.