The 3H’s Of Partnership

Quality partnerships are an expression and celebration of our humanity.

There is only so much we can accomplish when we are alone.

When we learn to tap into the limitless potential of partnerships - we break down the doors of impossibility.

How do we form cohesive and collaborative partnerships?

In this post, we take some time to talk about the 3H’s Of Partnership:

  1. The Heart Of Partnership
  2. The Height Of Partnership
  3. The Humanity Of Partnership

The Heart Of Partnership

Partnership starts with the heart. Often, we partner with people who share the same dreams and visions as ourselves. While approaches, ideas or perspectives might differ, there is power in shared hearts working towards a common goal. The matter of the heart is the heart of the matter. The next time you open a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, remember what Ben Cohen said about his co-founder in 1995 - “I met Jerry running around the track in seventh grade gym class. We were the two slowest, fattest kids in the class. I liked him because he was funny and smart, and you could count on him.” Today, Ben and Jerry’s have changed the taste of American ice cream.

The Height Of Partnership

Partnership breaks down the doors of impossibility. Have you heard of the old adage, “two minds are better than one”? In the case of the Wright brothers, nothing could be closer to the truth. They were the architects that revolutionized transportation. In 1903, just eight days before the brothers took to the skies, The New York Times published an article about how it would take a million years for mankind to build a working aircraft. Today, close to 10,000 commercial planes are in the air at any given time. With their passion and imagination, they discovered that the sky was not the limit - only the beginning.

The Humanity of Partnerships

Partnerships are hard-wired into our biology. Humans are inherently social. From time immemorial, meaningful partnerships have ensured the survival and the preservation of civilizations. Partnerships allow us to combine strengths and resources to achieve a shared vision. They help to expand networks and connections and provide access to new ideas and opportunities. This can lead to increased effectiveness and efficiency, as well as the ability to tackle complex tasks.

Ultimately, we need people and people need each other. And that is what ELC 2023 is all about - being human.

Network with fellow participants as we break new ground, explore current perspectives and expand our horizons. Learn from top role models and current thinkers around the region and the world on how to take your partnerships to the next level.

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Perhaps, you are a pastor looking for fresh perspectives on leading your generation.

Partnerships are crucial in all facets of life - nations are built by governments, companies flourish when high-performing teams are aligned, and families are steadied by solid relationships.

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