Are partnerships essential in entrepreneurial endeavors?

Partnerships are essential in any entrepreneurial endeavor.

Yet, the world of business can be a lonely one.

Are you looking for mutually-beneficial partnerships that will take your organization to the next level?
Do you need wise mentors who will guide you through the stumbling blocks of business?
Above all, do you need friends who will celebrate your victories and hold you through losses?

The theme of ELC 2023 is Connect, Collaborate, Co - Create... The Human Side Of Partnership.

Too often, the hustle and bustle of business takes precedence - people are viewed as resources to deploy; bottom lines are regarded as sacred above all else; companies become fine-tuned machines for efficiency and output.

We forget that businesses are essentially... human.

At ELC 2023, learn from leaders who understand what it truly means to be human.

Sit in for crucial leadership lessons from the likes of Mr Choe Peng Sum (Pan Pacific Hotels Group, CEO), YB Ms Hannah Yeoh (Minister Of Youth And Sports, Malaysia), Professor Freddy Boey (City University of Hong Kong, President) and many more!

  • How did Mr Choe Peng Sum aid in the expansion of Pan Pacific Hotels Group with an employee-first approach in the midst of a global pandemic?
  • What were some o f the key partnerships that YB Ms Hannah Yeoh forged to uplift the communities in her country?
  • Why are the values of “innovative leadership” and “partnership” so important to Professor Freddy Boey?

Register now to learn from top role models a nd current thinkers around the region and world and network with fellow participants to take your partnerships to the next level!

We hope that you will join us in discovering the human side of partnerships at ELC 2023.