Why are partnerships essential in all facets of life?

Partnerships are essential in all facets of life.

Whether you are an accomplished business person or a young upstart with a fire to make a dent in the world we currently live in, quality partnerships make a world of a difference.

Are you looking for other younger leaders to ideate, dream and connect with?
Do you need wise mentors who embrace youth and encourage innovation?
Above all, do you need friends to do life with?

The theme of ELC 2023 is Connect, Collaborate, Co - Create... The Human Side Of Partnership.

Too often, we fall into the trap of paying little attention to youthful naivete - youths are disregarded for their inexperience; initiatives to innovate are discounted in favor of the tried and tested; speaking out is seen as rocking the proverbial boat.

Yet, even the best and greatest of leaders have found their starts in small beginnings.

At ELC 2023, learn from other younger leaders who understand what it truly means to be human.

Sit in for heartfelt sharings from the likes of Mr Asher Low (Founder of Limitless Singapore), Mr Pang Sheng Jun (former Team Singapore swimmer), Dr Meixi (Founder of Fiftyfold) and many more!

  • Why did Mr Asher Low start mental health non-profit Limitless to reach out to youth?
  • What were some of the challenges that Mr Pang Sheng Jun faced when he represented Singapore on the international swimming stage in his 20s?
  • How does Dr Meixi uplift rural communities through education design?

Register now to learn from top role models and current thinkers around the region and world and network with fellow participants to take your partnerships to the next level!

We hope that you will join us in discovering the human side of partnerships at ELC 2023.