How can meaningful partnerships advance the Kingdom of God?

Partnerships are essential in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Whether you are a pastor, teacher, ministry leader, or lay member, we rely on each other to bring the Light of the Gospel to the four corners of this world.

Are you looking for other Kingdom-minded leaders to collaborate with?
Do you need wise counsel or mentorship in your walk with God?
Is there a burning desire for church unity in your heart?

The theme of ELC 2023 is Connect, Collaborate, Co-Create... The Human Side Of Partnership.

Too often, we fall into the trap of drawing lines - we focus on the things that divide us and not on the things that unite.

At ELC 2023, learn from other church leaders who understand what it truly means to forge Kingdom partnerships.

Glean from the likes of Pastor Sidney Mohede (JPCC Worship Pastor), Mr Dylan Wilk (Co-founder of Human Nature), Ms Khoo Cheng See (Founder of House of Hope) and many more!

  • What does it mean to Pastor Sidney Mohede to live a life of worship?
  • Why did Mr Dylan Wilk give up his riches to empower poverty-stricken communities in the Philippines?
  • How does Ms Khoo Cheng See feed hundreds of people a day in Penang?

Register now to learn from top role models and current thinkers around the region and world and network with fellow participants to take your partnerships to the next level!

We hope that you will join us in discovering the human side of partnerships at ELC 2023.