All About ELC Digital

The need for great leadership exists in every generation.

And ELC Digital aims to meet that exigency.

Whether you are an emerging or established leader, we believe in equipping you by building bridges to distinguished experts and current thinkers.

However, ELC Digital is far from the pursuit of knowledge.

In fact, it is about inculcating values and imparting wisdom to make good decisions; decisions that you will face in your own leadership journey.

“Who we are” as leaders will far outweigh “what we do”.

“Why we do” will always be more important than “how we do it”.

As the old adage suggests: “values are caught, not taught”.

Featuring top Asian thought leaders, ELC Digital is a suite of video resources to equip leaders in Southeast Asia.

In it, you will find over 50 video resources tackling key issues we have identified from our close to two decades of leadership development.

What insight does Mr Lim Siong Guan (Former Head of the Civil Service, Singapore) and YB Ms Hannah Yeoh (Minister of Youth and Sports, Malaysia) have on leading collaboratively for the future?

In view of climate change, what are the steps that Pan Pacific Hotels Group CEO Mr Choe Peng Sum is taking to better the hospitality industry’s green initiatives?

How does Limitless Founder Mr Asher Low reach the youth of Singapore; making mental health matter?

Learn from these luminaries and more in the fields of leadership, business, entrepreneurship, sustainability, finance, technology and non-profit with ELC Digital now!